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Trump and the world: risks and fears (World Policy Conference 2016)

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What do foreign friends and foes think of Trump’s ‘Disunited States of America’? 

November 25

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Plenary session 1: The future of the Middle East

Plenary session 3: Turkey’s European and international role

Plenary session 5: Technological change and the New Social Contract

Plenary session 6: UK after Brexit

Plenary session 8: European Union: what next?

Plenary session 11: Fighting Terrorism

Plenary session 13: Main world economic challenges

Plenary session 18: Final Debate


John Pomfret: China wanted President Trump. It should be careful what it wished for.

David Ignatius: What President Trump’s foreign policy will look like

David Ignatius: Trump treats foreign policy like a game of ‘Survivor’

Robert D. Kaplan: On foreign policy, Donald Trump is no realist

Jackson Diehl: The foreign leaders who are rooting for Trump


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