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Trump became his worst enemy

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Philadelphia updates its vote count

Washington (CNN)When the White House essentially relocated to Air Force One over the final weeks of the campaign, President Donald Trump had a common reaction whenever he saw his rival Joe Biden appear on one of the airplane’s many televisions.

«Imagine losing to him?» he would ask no one in particular as he hurtled toward another regional airport in another battleground state, according to sources onboard.

When his large-screen television flashed poll numbers showing an unmoving deficit to Biden, Trump sometimes brought his fist down on his wooden desk, jolting the glass of Diet Coke that always seemed to be nearby. «Can you imagine?» he would holler, sometimes adding a curse.
Trump no longer has to imagine. Around midday Saturday, CNN and other news outlets projected Biden had secured enough electoral votes to become the 46th president, depriving Trump of a second term.



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