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U.S. international relations

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What are America’s international ambitions? What level of international engagement are Americans prepared to support? How might the next president exercise leadership in a tumultuous world, and to what end? Is there a coherent national strategy for diplomacy and defense that aligns interests with the means to achieve them?

The RAND Strategic Rethink project explores these important questions. Our experts are producing a guide for policymakers, citizens, educators, and the media on the most critical global choices and challenges facing the country.

The latest volume, led by Hans Binnendijk, argues that the United States may need to follow a more collaborative approach to foreign affairs, engaging and sharing burdens with partners who until now have not pulled their weight.

In the coming months, the Strategic Rethink series will continue to explore issues key to understanding America’s future role in a turbulent world.



Friends, Foes, and Future Directions: U.S. Partnerships in a Turbulent World

How should the United States manage its relationships with partners and adversaries in a world of shrinking defense budgets and reduced political will for international engagement? Hans Binnendijk

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