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UN Peacekeeping 2013

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UN Peacekeeping has more than 95,000 UN uniformed personnel (Military and Police) coming from over 110 countries. They come from nations large and small, rich and poor. They bring different cultures and experience to the job, but they are united in their determination to foster peace.

At the start of the new session of General Assembly we are highlighting the difference that these contributions – troops, police, equipment, training – make to the lives of the people we are serving in countries across the world. Our ‘Data dashboard’ below allows you to explore the data behind the contributions of uniformed personnel. Underneath is our ‘Stories of contribution’ map which allows you to meet some of the individuals and find out about their work.

Data Dashboard

See which countries provide in which numbers, and explore the patterns over time using the play button on the map. You can select individual countries and see their data over time in both the tables and the graph.

Today is International Day of Peacekeepers. Read all about the history of 

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