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Somalia’s Resurgence: Mogadishu attack masks rising tide of Somali unity

Despite the deadly October 14 attack, the end of Somalia’s long war is in sight. As Aisha Ahmad writes, now more than ever the international community should support the country.

OpenCanada@OpenCanada  Does coverage of violent attacks around the world blind us from the good stories hidden elsewhere? @ProfAishaAhmad looks at  /5 

Thread on international news stories (including much from ) that deserve more attention.

What did we or other news media miss in the world of this year? Share thoughts on the stories missing or in need of more attention in 2018 w/ /end

There are unanswered questions on the treatment of Afghan detainees — expect more debate on this as an ICC case moves forward: (w/ insights from & others) /8

Canada’s investment in international assistance is well below that of its global peers, even after this year’s budget & despite a reframed emphasis on women & girls: and /7

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