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US election guide in foreign policy and national security

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Photo published for What will foreign policy look like under President Trump?

What will foreign policy look like under President Trump?

We asked a number of analysts for their thoughts on the future of U.S. foreign policy under a Donald Trump presidency

Kyle W. Orton@KyleWOrton Obama ceded to /; the humanitarian abomination + disorder of that led to Trump, says @shadihamid. 
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Six key positions provide a rough, if often contradictory, outline of Trump’s potential Middle East policy  

Trump and the World

What does a Trump administration mean for global governance? A collection of experts from around the world offers some provisional analysis.

Background & Analysis

CFR Blog: Stewart Patrick World Order in the Wake of Trump

CFR Article: Laurie Garrett Trump and Global Health

CFR Interactive Global Conflict Tracker

Experts weigh in: What this election means for U.S. foreign policy and next steps
Varios expertos analizan cómo la política exterior de EEUU puede cambiar tras los resultados de las elecciones del 8 de noviembre. Incluye una serie de recomendaciones para el próximo presidente.
09/XI/2016 Brookings

Donald Trump could reshape U.S. foreign policy. On the podcast, WPR editors discuss what that might entail.  


The World is Watching: Global Views on the U.S. Election | A special report from The Cipher Brief



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