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US fight against global terrorism in 2017

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sobre seguridad y defensa en Estados Unidos

9 de enero de 2018

Secretary of State Tillerson Interview With Elise Labott of CNN

U.S. Department of State. January 5, 2018

In his first news interview of the year, Secretary Tillerson meets with Elise Labott of CNN to discuss a range of issues, including North Korea, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, and Syria.

Counterterrorism Diplomacy – Ten Highlights of 2017

DipNote – U.S. State Department Blog. January 2, 2018

Throughout 2017, the Counterterrorism Bureau (CT) led the State Department’s diplomatic efforts to defeat ISIS, al-Qa’ida, Hizballah, and other global terrorist groups. We did this by strengthening bilateral and multilateral counterterrorism partnerships, building the capacity of frontline states, improving information sharing and border security to stanch the flow of foreign terrorist fighters returning from Syria and Iraq, opposing Iranian-supported terrorism, designating more terrorists and cutting off their funding, and countering terrorist ideology and recruitment.

Letter to D-ISIS Coalition Partners on the Progress of the Past Year

Remarks by Brett McGurk, Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition To Counter ISIS

“I write to reflect on the accomplishments of our 74-member Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS over this past year, with a look ahead on much left to do in 2018.”

U.S. mine-removal program defuses ISIS remnants

ShareAmerica. January 5, 2017

For more than two decades, the United States has helped nations clear land mines and unexploded bombs. Now it is working with a group of partners to clear the path for Iraqis displaced by ISIS to safely return home.


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