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Historically, all big powers and many not so big have invested in the establishment of regimes and governments supportive of their policies and interests. No surprise, then, in the fact that the USA, for nearly one century already the world superpower, follows the example of previous empires and kingdoms with similar or much less capacity.

In the Cold War, for example, those efforts by the main powers of the Western and the Soviet blocs became one of the basic tenets or pillars of the entire system, with the world divided in two clearly defined alliances and the rest: the so called Third World.

The following video offers a look at how the US has tried, after the Cold War, to bring to life and mantain favorable «democracies», plutocracies, kleptocracies around the world through USAID, National Endowment for Democracy and NGOs such as George Soros’ Open Society Institute. Following the Money that has gone out of the pockets of American tax payers into the four corners of the world to buy «pro-US» politicians or support pro-US opposition groups is a must for anyone trying to understand US foreign policy.

Source: PressTVGlobalNews via @nytimes: US corporations are not just buying elections and politicians in the US but also buying power and influence all over the world. The National Endowment for Democracy, or NED, was founded in 1983 to promote democracy. It is funded primarily through an annual allocation from the US Congress, within the budget of USAID, the US.

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