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US National Defense Report 2014 (FPI Resources)

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By FPI Policy Director Robert Zarate (Twitter: @robertzaratedc) and Senior Policy Analyst Evan MooreThe National Defense Panel (NDP), a congressionally-mandated bipartisan group of former civilian and military leaders, released yesterday its final report on the future of the Defense Department’s strategy, plans, and resources amid an increasingly volatile world.  Led by former Secretary of Defense William Perry and General John P. Abizaid, USA (Ret.), the NDP’s membership includes Ambassador Eric S. Edelman, a Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) Board Member and a former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, among others.

After assessing the growing threats to U.S. national security, the NDP report issues a stark warning: “the defense budget cuts mandated by the Budget Control Act (BCA) of 2011, coupled with the additional cuts and constraints on defense management under the law’s sequestration provision, constitute a serious strategic misstep on the part of the United States.”  The report recommends, among other things, that the United States reverse sequestration-level spending cuts to national defense and increase defense spending to match the long-term plan laid out by then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in 2012.

FPI suggests the following resources as policymakers, lawmakers, and the general public weigh and consider the National Defense Panel’s report.

For media inquiries, contact FPI Director of External Affairs Rachel Hoff at or .

National Defense Panel
FPI Resources
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