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US veterans reflect on 9/11

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Early Bird Brief - Military Times

‘Not something you should ever really see’: Veterans reflect on 9/11

Spc. Bryan Stern was hungover. It was a sunny near-autumn day, but after a night of partying to bid a friend farewell, he didn’t want to be anywhere but bed.

Stationed in Lower Manhattan with the 227th Military Intelligence Company housed at 7 World Trade Center, he was riding the subway to work from Brooklyn, wishing he had stayed home on September 11, 2001.


9/11 Redux: Veterans Speak – Part 1

Twenty years after the attack of 9/11, a group of military veterans speak about their experience of that day.

9/11 Redux: Veterans Speak – Part 2

In part two of the series, veterans recount what happened in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

NatGeo’s ‘9/11: One Day in America’ is a painstaking portrait of horror, resilience & hope

While the documentary begins like many accounts that preceded it, little time elapses before understanding that this series is different. By

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