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Velina’s talk on futurism

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In this episode, Tracey Follows, CEO of Futuremade and author of «The Future of You», speaks about the future of humanity, touching on topics such as futurism, the biggest systemic risks in the future, major shifts in the geopolitical sphere, major shifts in the geopolitical sphere, the possible winner of the 4th Industrial Revolution, her book and much more. 0:00 – Introductions 2:06 – What is futurism and strategic foresight 4:28 – Biggest risks in the coming years 9:57 – Biggest systemic risks in the future 17:10 – Major shifts in the geopolitical sphere 30:00 – Who will be the winner of the 4th Industrial Revolution? 35:30 – The role of artificial intelligence in the global equilibrium 40:37 – Will Big Tech ever be replaced? 44:42 – Whose identity will survive the 21st Century 56:06 – Final remarks
Oct 5, 2021

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