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Violence in the world

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Photo published for Explosive Violence in November 2016 | AOAV

Explosive Violence in November 2016 | AOAV

Last month, November 2016, AOAV recorded 3,380 deaths and injuries from explosive violence globally. Civilians accounted for 83% of the casualties. When examining instances where explosive violence…

In November, remained the state worst impacted by explosive violence for the 8th month in a row  


5 countries saw 84% of civilian deaths/injuries from suicide bombings globally in 2016: 

Each IED attack in this year has killed/injured an average of 25 civilians 

Will 2017 see even more suicide bombings? Sadly, probably yes. Op-ed by @iainoverton  and 

A very important report by the BBC on the bombing of civilians in Yemen: 

Civilians victims of explosive violence in Aleppo more than triples in 2016

25 killed/injured in grenade attack in 

Over 6,000 civilians killed/injured by coalition airstrikes in , all states must stop selling arms to 

IEDs have caused 57% of all deaths/injuries from explosive violence in this year. 

If only the Russians would stop bombing civilians… 

¿Cuáles son los países más pacíficos y violentos del mundo y qué lugar ocupa España?


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