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War as entertainment

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Another case of Please Stop This Now. After Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign to stop Joseph Kony‘s violence waned and flamed out, a new hero has finally arrived to save us from the warlord. Journalist, author of the book The World’s Most Dangerous Places and rugged man’s man Robert Pelton, has taken it upon himself to find Kony – with your (financial) support.

Pelton is raising money on a crowd-sourcing platform for Dangerous, a «multi-media real world participatory platform» that seeks to not only deliver excitement to audiences – but also to deliver solutions! And Pelton will make our journey entertaining, wandering into dangerous places on simple barges, and walking all alone through picturesque rivers framed by jungle ferns (despite the armies of camera, luggage, and security personnel accompanying him), as the promotional video – with its attendant stereotypes of Africa/Third World Jungle-Gone-Wrong – demonstrates.

The concept is as simple as ordering take-out: pick your adventure from the convenience of your home by giving money and telling Pelton where to go and what to do, and Pelton and his team will «deliver the product». He describes it as a «tool for moral people who are done with having their awareness raised while evil triumphs»… MORE

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