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War in Ukraine: how far will Putin go? | The Economist….

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Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine is devastating the country and its people. How far will he go? Our experts discuss the threat of escalation, from the use of nuclear weapons to attacks beyond Ukraine. 00:00 – How far will Putin go? 00:32 – A war of escalation 01:34 – Nuclear weapons are on the table 02:44 – NATO vs Russia 04:10 – NATO is bound together by article 5 05:32 – What is going on in Putin’s head? 06:42 – What could the West offer Putin? 08:30 – What’s the mood in Russia?

Former MI6 Chief On the Ukraine & Russia Conflict | Oxford Union

Putin is taking over land, but losing the war. Johnny Harris


Putin’s Way (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

In this 2015 film, a coproduction with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, producer Neil Docherty and correspondent Gillian Findlay traced Putin’s career back two decades to his political start in St. Petersburg, where allegations of corruption began almost immediately. Drawing on firsthand accounts from exiled Russian business tycoons, writers and politicians, as well as the exhaustive research of scholar and best-selling “Putin’s Kleptocracy” author Karen Dawisha, the film examined troubling episodes in Putin’s past, from alleged money-laundering activities and ties to organized crime, to a secret personal fortune said to be in the billions.

Why Putin’s War in Ukraine is Still Going Badly – TLDR News


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