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Water, peace and war in the Middle East

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The Independent

Climate change and crumbling infrastructure are causing water shortages in Gaza, which could soon make the enclave uninhabitable, Bel Trew reports in the fifth part of her series, Water Wars

She had no idea that a quick trip to the beach, brief respite from the intensity of the Gaza summer, would end at the morgue.

Her children, irritated by the thickening heat, had been playing up all day and Noha Sais, 27, a mother-of-five, had lost her patience.

Over the last two summers, Gazans have only had just over four hours of electricity a day to power fans and cut through the punishing 40-degree heat.

Trapped in the tiny enclave, which is run by militant group Hamas and under a crippling Israeli and Egypt blockade, it felt like there was nothing else for the family to do but go to the polluted seaside.

That evening, in the summer of 2017, every one of Noha’s children fell suddenly sick, uncontrollably vomiting and were soon hospitalised. Gaza’s filthy Mediterranean waters had poisoned them.



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