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What is your world peace IQ?

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The Carter Center asks…

What is Your World Peace IQ?

You Scored: 9 / 10

Ranking: You’re a Peace Laureate!

You clearly pay close attention to peace and conflict news around the world, and concern yourself with international ongoing conflicts. Make sure you are putting that knowledge to good use!

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Waging Peace

The Carter Center’s peace programs strengthen freedom and democracy in nations worldwide, securing for people the political and civil rights that are the foundation of just and peaceful societies.

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Perswonal comment: I remember the New York Times IQ tests our professor of American History used in his classes in Elkhorn, Wisc, every week in my year as an AFS student in 1970-1971. I guess I got addicted since then to tests in class as a useful tool for teaching, learning and evaluating.  This one, from the Carter Foundation, seems quite good. I have made a try on August 14th 2013, before including it in my blog. Hope you, prof, student or simply interested or curious observer, agree with me and enjoy it. Good luck.

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