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What NYTimes columnists got wrong in 2019

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This week on “The Argument,” pundit accountability! The columnists look back on where they went wrong in 2019. David Leonhardt says he failed to foresee how Joe Biden’s entry into the 2020 presidential race would crowd out other potentially strong moderate candidates. Ross Douthat thinks he attached too much significance to Biden’s political ideology, missing how Biden has instead run more as a personality-driven transactionalist than as a committed moderate. And Michelle Goldberg says she erred by expecting the Democratic-controlled Congress inaugurated in January to stand up more often to President Trump.

Then the columnists react to “Argument” listeners’ politics-themed New Year’s resolutions — and make a few of their own.

And finally, Michelle recommends a dystopian superhero show by Damon Lindelof that will be a satisfying watch, even to those who got burned by “Lost.”


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