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Reflexiones de un veterano corresponsal desencantado

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By Boštjan Videmšek

I was almost certain that the Russian invasion of  would not take place. I was at an utter loss as to what the Kremlin could hope to achieve with such a clearly insane military venture. Staring at the endlessly scrolling explosions of narcissistic hatred on , I wonder what I, who once believed in the ‘never again’ mantra, still have to offer in this post-fact age of sabotaged attention spans.

Thursday 3 March 2022

I’ve seen this so many times, always hoping and praying never to see it again. Time and time again, I have been taken in by the hollow Never Again mantra.

I grew up in a country fated to be torn asunder by a series of horrific wars after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The first wars on European soil after , if I may correct a long line of journalists and analysts with evidently very limited historical memories. 

Perhaps it was growing up in this kind of environment that made me follow wars around the globe for 20 years, starting with Kosovo. I was too young to cover the wars in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. But after Kosovo in 1999, I went on to report from , the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gaza, Darfur, Lebanon, Pakistan, South Sudan, , Syria and Libya. Throughout my -chasing years, I strived to pay particular attention to the fate of refugees and other people whose lives have been completely blown apart by senseless violence.


(Texto facilitado por Rosa Meneses en Twitter, a quien se lo agradezco. Me parece muy bueno)

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