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23 mayo, 2019
por Felipe Sahagún
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Assange, indicted under Espionage Act (The New YorK Times)

A federal grand jury has indicted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on 18 felony charges for his alleged involvement in the 2010 leak of classified documents by Chelsea Manning. CBSN’s Tanya Rivero has the breaking news.

By Charlie Savage and Adam Goldman

WASHINGTON — Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks leader, has been indicted on 17 new counts of violating the Espionage Act for his role in obtaining and publishing classified military and diplomatic documents in 2010, the Justice Department announced on Thursday — a novel case that raises profound First Amendment issues.

The new charges were part of an expanded indictment obtained by the Trump administration that significantly raised the stakes of the legal case against Mr. Assange, who is already fighting extradition proceedings in London based on an earlier hacking-related countbrought by federal prosecutors in Northern Virginia.

The secret documents that Mr. Assange published were provided by the former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, who was convicted at a court-martial trial in 2013 of leaking the records. The indictment accuses Mr. Assange of complicity in Ms. Manning’s leaks, saying he solicited unauthorized disclosures of classified information and encouraged her over several months.

“Assange, WikiLeaks affiliates and Manning shared the common objective to subvert lawful restrictions on classified information and to publicly disseminate it,” the indictment said.



Press freedoms and the case against Julian Assange, explained

EEUU presenta 18 nuevos cargos contra Assange, entre ellos uno por espionaje

FRONTLINE reveals the inside story of Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and the biggest intelligence breach in U.S. history.


23 mayo, 2019
por Felipe Sahagún
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España mejora 9 puestos en el índice de calidad democrática

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Irene Lozano@lozanoirene

22 mayo, 2019
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Europa vista desde Alemania, España, Francia e Italia

Europa vista desde Alemania, España, Francia e Italia

Real Instituto Elcano

Europa vista desde Alemania, España, Francia e Italia
Real Instituto Elcano – 17 de mayo 2019.

El objetivo del estudio ha sido comparar las actitudes hacia la Unión Europea de los ciudadanos de sus cuatro mayores Estados (excluyendo al Reino Unido). También se han testado otros aspectos laterales pero relacionados, como las actitudes ante la globalización o la inmigración, la percepción que cada país tiene de su influencia dentro de la UE, las alianzas preferidas en ese contexto y la opinión sobre la existencia de intereses compartidos con España.

Enlace a @rielcano

The bundle of sticks: a stronger European defence to face global challenges

Legal challenges and the practicability of disembarkation centres for illegal migrants outside the EU

What to look out for in the European elections


22 mayo, 2019
por Felipe Sahagún
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European elections 2019 (previous background)

The Current State of the Union

Political groups of the outgoing Parliament and their MEP distribution among member states 👆

 European People’s Party 28.84%
 Socialists & Democrats 24.7%
 European Conservatives and Reformists 10.28%
 Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 9.21%
 European United Left/Nordic Green Left 6.94%
 Greens/European Free Alliance 6.94%
 Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy 5.61%
 Europe of Nations and Freedom 4.81%
 Non-attached 2.67%
 Empty seat

What You Need to Know About the 2019 European Parliament Elections