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5 abril, 2020
por Felipe Sahagún
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Journalism in the time of coronavirus


‘Like visiting hell’: How an Italian journalist is reporting on COVID-19 from the frontlines.

Jan Keulen@jan_keulen
  • CPJ Emergencies releases a safety advisory on digital security for reporters working remotely
  • India’s Uttar Pradesh opens criminal probe into an editor at The Wire for alleged ‘discord’ during COVID-19 lockdown
  • Colombian protection unit suspends risk assessments ‘indefinitely’ due to coronavirus
  • Brazil restricts access to government information amid COVID-19 emergency
  • Ethiopian journalist Yayesew Shimelis detained following COVID-19 reporting
  • Belarusian journalist Siarhei Satsuk detained on bribery charges after publishing COVID-19 report
  • CPJ joins calls for Kyrgyz president to release journalist Azimjon Askarov amid pandemic
  • Iraqi security forces seize journalist’s belongings for allegedly violating COVID-19 curfew
  • Iran bans printing of all newspapers, citing spread of coronavirus
  • Nigeria imposes harsh restrictions for journalist movement and access, citing coronavirus
  • Reporter denied access to Florida governor’s briefing on COVID-19
  • Indian Supreme Court denies government request for prior censorship of coronavirus news
  • Russian media regulator orders two outlets to take down COVID-19 reports
  • CPJ and Internet Society release a joint fact sheet on the importance of encryption to press freedom and the free flow of information
  • CPJ and partner organizations call on Council of Europe to protect press freedom amid pandemic



4 abril, 2020
por Felipe Sahagún
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Coronavirus, Public Perceptions and the Dangers of “News Deserts”


Coronavirus, Public Perceptions and the Dangers of “News Deserts” -For many reasons, areas of the US or segments of the populace don’t have – or don’t seek – access to fact-based, even existentially vital information.


3 abril, 2020
por Felipe Sahagún
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Coronavirus database from John Hopkings University

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE)
at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)
Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, on November 2, 2018.

Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, on November 2, 2018. Thomas Peter/Getty via Yahoo

  • The US intelligence community has determined that the Chinese government concealed the extent of its coronavirus outbreak and gave false statistics to other countries, Bloomberg News reported, citing three US officials.

  • Officials transmitted a classified report of their findings to the White House last week.

  • Bloomberg described its sources as saying that the report’s main conclusion was that China’s public reporting of coronavirus cases was «intentionally incomplete» and that its numbers were fake.

  • China was the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak until last week, when the US’s number of cases surpassed China’s.

  • US and other Western officials have repeatedly expressed skepticism about China’s numbers. Residents of Wuhan, where the outbreak originated, have also publicly doubted the government’s reporting.



The US intelligence community has reportedly concluded that China intentionally misrepresented its coronavirus numbers


3 abril, 2020
por Felipe Sahagún
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China’s response to the coronavirus pandemic (Foreign Affairs)


China’s Coming Upheaval

By Minxin Pei

“A regime beset by economic stagnation and rising social unrest at home and great-power competition abroad is inherently brittle,” Minxin Pei writes in a new essay. “If Xi continues on this trajectory, eroding the foundations of China’s economic and political power and monopolizing responsibility and control, he will expose the CCP to cataclysmic change.”

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«The Coronavirus Is a Stress Test for Xi Jinping«
by Elizabeth Economy
«Unlike Past Pandemics, Coronavirus Highlights China’s Strengths« by Robert Peckham
«The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order« by Kurt M. Campbell and Rush Doshi
«U.S.-Chinese Distrust Is Inviting Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories« by Yanzhong Huang


2 abril, 2020
por Felipe Sahagún
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Climate disasters increase conflict risk


Climate disasters seen increasing conflict risk in large countries. Extreme weather bring greater risk of conflict in underdeveloped countries with large populations and ethnic tensions  


TRF Climate@TRF_Climate