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27 enero, 2022
por Felipe Sahagún
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Russian forces around Ukraine


A Russian troop location in Yelna on 9 November.

The Guardian

A visual guide to recent troop deployments as tensions soar


Russia has forward-deployed hundreds of tanks, self-propelled artillery and even short-range ballistic missiles from as far away as Siberia to within striking range of Ukraine’s borders.

Moscow’s rhetoric has also grown more belligerent. Vladimir Putin has demanded legal guarantees that Ukraine will never join Nato or host its missile strike systems, concessions he is unlikely to receive. A flurry of diplomatic activity has done little to dampen tensions.

Putin is also short on time. His troops cannot remain out of garrison indefinitely. By late winter he will probably have to launch an attack or draw down his forces, in what would look like a retreat.


Will Pulido@will_pulido
Postura y despliegue militar de Ejército Ruso en las inmediaciones de Ucrania según el ISW Probablemente minusvaloran el número de BTG, aunque sigue siendo un número muy elevado: 61 incluyendo Crimea (64 con Tradnistria) El número actual sería de más 70, y continúan llegando

26 enero, 2022
por Felipe Sahagún
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España ante la crisis de Ucrania (Ministro Albares)

La Comisión de Asuntos Exteriores del Congreso ha fijado para última hora de este martes, después del Pleno, la comparecencia del ministro del ramo, José Manuel Albares, para informar sobre la posición española ante la crisis de Ucrania.

El pasado fin de semana, ante el incremento de la tensión entre la OTAN y Rusia, el jefe de la Diplomacia española solicitó acudir a la Cámara, anticipando que, por motivos de agenda sólo podría hacerlo este martes.

25 de enero de 2022

25 enero, 2022
por Felipe Sahagún
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Journalists murdered in Mexico

The Guardian

The 2012 killing of Regina Martínez, who was investigating links between organised crime and politics, began a wave of violence in the most dangerous country to be a reporter

by , Dana Priest and Paloma Dupont de Dinechin in Veracruz

She was a source of irritation for four consecutive state governors, highlighting violence, abuses of power and cover-ups in the pages of Mexico’s foremost investigative news magazine, Proceso.

Her stories highlighted horrific episodes such as the case of an elderly indigenous woman who was beaten, raped and left for dead by soldiers, and the torture and massacre of passengers on a local bus.

Known to her friends as La Chaparrita or “Shorty”, Martínez was a 4ft 11in chain-smoker who found solace tending her garden. She was also a fearless investigator of gangland executions, police assassins, forced disappearances and corruption schemes.



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