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20 julio, 2024
por Felipe Sahagún
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Digital News Report 2024


El informe de este año revela nuevas claves sobre el consumo de noticias digitales en todo el mundo sobre la base de una encuesta de YouGov con casi 95.000 entrevistas en 47 mercados que cubren la mitad de la población del mundo.

El informe documenta el cambio que se está produciendo en las plataformas. Con TikTok, Instagram Reels y YouTube creciendo, analizamos por qué se consumen más videos y qué cuentas convencionales y alternativas (incluidos creadores e influencers) reciben más atención cuando se trata de noticias.| Seguir leyendo

🚨 Evento especial. Nuestro director editorial Eduardo Suárez dictará un seminario sobre el Digital News Report 2024: será online, gratuito, en español y exclusivo para América Latina, el próximo jueves 25 de julio. Aquí tienes más información y el formulario para apuntarte.

Explora el #DNR24 en español

🎯 Resumen ejecutivo y hallazgos clave | Por Nic Newman
🤔 Capítulo 1: confianza en las noticias | Por R. Nielsen y R. Fletcher
👩🏽‍💻 Capítulo 2: la IA en el periodismo | Por Amy Ross Arguedas
🛠️ Capítulo 3: necesidades del usuario | Por Richard Fletcher 
💰 Capítulo 4: pago por las noticias | Por Craig T. Robertson
🤳 Capítulo 5: influencers informativos | Por Nic Newman

19 julio, 2024
por Felipe Sahagún
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US political impact in Ukraine’s war

History does not move in straight lines and is ever revealing new and surprising turns. Recent events related to Moscow’s aggression in Ukraine remind us of this truism.

First, Russian President Vladimir Putin has suffered numerous setbacks since Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, with tacit support from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, put to a vote the long-delayed aid package for Ukraine, which swiftly passed the US Senate and was signed into law by President Joe Biden. The quick arrival of US weapons, bolstered by the decision of many NATO allies, including the US, to allow Ukraine to use their weapons to strike many legitimate military targets in Russia, has brought to a halt Russian offensives near Kharkiv and in Donbas. And at last week’s NATO summit, the allies promised large shipments of additional weapons to Ukraine over the next year.  

But Putin found solace in recent days in the failure of the Biden administration to lift its restrictions on the use of longer-range US fires against targets in Russia, despite the Russian strike on a Ukrainian children’s hospital one day before the NATO summit began. Trump’s choice of JD Vance as his running mate, perhaps the most vociferous Senate Republican against aid to Ukraine, was also a boon for the Kremlin. In short, Putin’s war machine is counting on American timidity and naïveté to rescue his floundering war effort.

Please join the Eurasia Center for a look at the situation on the battlefield and the broader political chessboard.

Hanna Hopko
International Center for Ukrainian Victory

ANTS Network

Žygimantas Pavilionis
Deputy Speaker of the Lithuanian SeimasChairman of the European Affairs Committee

Jeffrey Stacey
Former Senior Advisor
US Department of State

Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk
Distinguished Fellow, Eurasia Center
Atlantic Council

Center for Defense Strategies

Former Minister of Defense of Ukraine

Moderated by John E. Herbst Senior Director


19 julio, 2024
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FRONTLINE’s 5 Most-Streamed Documentaries of 2024 (So Far)

A still from FRONTLINE and The New York Times' documentary "Boeing's Fatal Flaw." The updated version of the documentary that aired in March is one of FRONTLINE's most-streamed new documentaries of the year so far.
July 3, 2024

Looking for some documentaries to watch as summer enters full swing? We’ve got you covered.

In the countdown below, we’ve collected the five new-in-2024 FRONTLINE documentaries that, as of publication time, had earned the most streams so far this year on PBS platforms (browser video players and the PBS App) and FRONTLINE’s YouTube channel combined. We’ve also included some additional recommended viewing.

Each of these FRONTLINE documentaries — and hundreds more — are available to stream anytime on our website, in the PBS App and on FRONTLINE’s YouTube channel.



16 julio, 2024
por Felipe Sahagún
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US Presidential Elections 2024


The 2024 presidential election promises to be like no other modern U.S. election

Former President Donald Trump leads among Republican candidates but faces multiple federal and state criminal charges related to his efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss. Incumbent President Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee and, if re-elected, would become the oldest American president at 81.

The outcome of the 2020 Presidential election resulted in the unprecedented storming of the U.S. Capitol, leaving voters questioning the state of U.S. politics, and the 2022 Midterm Elections continued to escalate conflict among the parties.

For the 2024 Elections, more than ever, global news consumers are seeking content they know can trust.