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A few thoughts about a rules-based world (by John Lander, Australian dip)

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Arnaud Bertrand@RnaudBertrand
On this topic I’ve been making the point since the beginning of Israel’s war on Gaza that if one takes a step back, it’s really at heart a war of the «rules-based order» against international law . And I really believe that’s a key prism to view the war.
I’ve been saying since the start of the war on Gaza that one key – if not THE key – prism through which one should read the conflict is that it’s a fight between America’s «rules-based order» and international law (see my original post) Sadly, since…
In the same interview Lander also speaks about the war on Gaza from an international law perspective: «The Palestinians don’t have a state… [They’re] under forceful occupation by Israel so the actions by Hamas – as horrendous as it was – is more in the character of a rebellion against the oppression of an occupying power than an invasion of one state by another. [It’s] a paradox because [Israel] claim that Gaza and the West Bank do actually belong to Israel and that the Palestinians have no right to it, so on the one hand they say ‘it is ours’ and on the other hand they say ‘we’ve been invaded’ from within our own territory…»
Please do watch the whole interview. Lander is always a fascinating listen:
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