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Recibe este mensaje de AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc. porque en el pasado ha participado en actividades de AFS, como estudiante de intercambio, familia anfitriona, familia de envío, voluntario o participante de alguno de nuestros programas o actividades de AFS.

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Issue 3: May 2018 View previous issues of AFS Now here.

AFS launches new Global Prep programs to empower global citizens

Global Prep

AFS Global Prep programs offer short-term group experiences in exciting international destinations. Each program is designed around specific interests of teens and young adults—from helping refugees in Hungary to art or STEM. Intercultural learning is embedded in the experiences to help participants take their first steps as active global citizens. Explore more than two dozen new Global Prep programs offered for 2018, and find out more.

Kakehashi program

AFS Japan has been selected to administer a new government scholarship program to increase intercultural student exchanges in Asia. Over the next five years, the Kakehashi study abroad scholarships will allow 1,000 motivated young people to attend high school in Japan. Find out more.


AFS is proud to announce the expansion of our global organization to include Ireland as the 61st member. This addition expands international education opportunities in an increasingly important and popular English-speaking destination. We anticipate that at least 100 students will study abroad with AFS in Ireland in 2018. Find out more.

AFS Global Conference

Explore all AFS events

Faces of the World

AFS launches Faces of the World, a $1 million dollar scholarship program offering study abroad opportunities to talented young people from diverse, underserved and underrepresented communities around the world. Find out how you can support AFS Faces of the World                                                                              

Global Education Symposium

AFS Argentina & Uruguay convened «Repairing Globalization through Education» symposium in Buenos Aires in April attended by 600 people. See the interview with the symposium keynote speaker Carlos Torres below, and read more about the symposium here.

Costa Rica

AFS Costa Rica was recognized by the Ministry of Public Education for their contributions to intercultural education and the development of global citizenship among students. AFS Costa Rica’s Director Rolando Araya and Administrative Board President Victoria Soto received the award.

Volunteer trainingVolunteer directors from 20 organizations, including the United Nations Volunteer Program and Red Cross Guatemala learned best practices at an AFS Guatemala volunteer management training event in April. The training was led by Lucas Welter, AFS’s Chief Organization Development & Strategy Officer. Contact us if you are interested AFS training services.
Unconscious bias

Unconscious bias is pervasiveand something everyone should reflect on from time to time. A recent incident at a Starbucks in Philadelphia (USA) prompted AFS Chief Program Innovation and Educational Products Officer Bert Vercamer to share his thoughts on how to overcome this type of bias. Read more.

Carlos Torres

Carlos Alberto Torres, UNESCO Chair in Global Learning and Global Citizenship Education, and keynote speaker at AFS Argentina and Uruguay’s Global Education Symposium, speaks about global competence education in an interview with AFS. Find out more.

Steve Wallace

AFS alumnus and entrepreneur (USA to Ghana), Steve Wallace, discusses his journey in creating a gourmet chocolate company in Ghana. Read his story.

AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc. provides international exchange programs, education initiatives, volunteerism and advocacy, to empower people of all ages and backgrounds with the intercultural knowledge, skills and understanding to take action and make a positive difference at home and around the world.
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