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Covering hurricanes

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Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence guide: Story angles, tools, tips, resources

With the massive Hurricane Florence moving toward the East Coast — its cloud field four times the size of Ohio — a swath of the United States prepared for its worst storm in 25 years. More than 1 million people have been ordered evacuated.

They included Sandra Lopez-Garcia, huddled in a high school-turned-shelter outside of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, nearly a year after she rode out Hurricane Maria in her native Puerto Rico.

“I really don’t know what my luck is,” she told The Washington Post.

As the hurricane threatens the coast, here are updated resources and tips for smarter Florence coverage. We also have story angles to consider.

The coverage

  • Tracking the hurricane’s pathLive view from NOAA.
  • What’s happening on the ground? These are the newsrooms to follow. By Kristen Hare.
  • Listen to audio streams from first responders in various communities and local TV feeds. By Infodocket’s Gary Price.
  • What about paywalls? Many news sites have adjusted to allow readers unlimited access to hurricane-related stories. Those sites include McClatchy newspapers, such as The Charlotte Observer, as well as The Washington Post. Sirius XM began broadcasting a live simulcast of The Weather Channel on Channel 145 at 6 a.m. Thursday.
  • With Florence, without 4G: Many sites have lighter versions for people suddenly with limited connectivity. Here are the text-only versions of NPR and CNN’s sites. By Melody Kramer.
  • Reporting (and survival) tips in a hurricane. By Kristen Hare and David Beard.
  • Trapped in the hurricane zone? Dial «211» or text «FLORENCE» to 898211. (h/t Neil Parekh)
  • 9 tips to avoid spreading misinformation about a hurricane. By Daniel Funke.
  • 12+ tools and resources to help. By Ren LaForme.



How newsrooms in the Carolinas and Virginia are preparing for Hurricane Florence

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