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Four weeks of Israel’s attacks on Gaza

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A man sits atop a pile of rubble following an Israeli strike on the Gaza Strip

The aftermath of a strike on Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp earlier this week. REUTERS

By Jeremy Bowen
International editor, in southern Israel

One of the first things to understand about the reportage, analysis and commentary that has poured out since the Hamas attacks of 7 October is that no-one has the full story. Not only is it, as ever, hard to penetrate the fog of war to work out what is happening on the battlefield. The new shape of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has not yet emerged.

Events are still moving fast. Fears that the war could spread are very real. New realities in the Middle East are out there somewhere, but their shape and the way that they will work depend on the way this war goes for the rest of the year, and probably beyond.



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