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Highlights of 2023, preview of 2024

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December 18, 2023

Hello, everyone. Today at WPR, we’re covering the regional response to crises across Latin America and the lack of human rights engagement in Biden’s Africa agenda.

But first, we’re taking this week to highlight the major trends in global affairs that shaped 2023—and which will likely shape 2024. As the next few days will show, there was and is plenty to be despondent about, but there are also grounds for encouragement heading into the New Year. WPR will continue to cover both.

The state of conflict: If 2022 saw the return of interstate conflict with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, then 2023 was a reflection of the new global security order, one in which war has become increasingly normalized.

That trend could be seen in Azerbaijan’s decision to use force to take back control of Nagorno-Karabakh from Armenia, despite holding the stronger hand in negotiations over the territory. It can be seen in Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s sudden saber-rattling regarding claims to the Essequibo region in Guyana. And it can be seen, of course, in Hamas’ attack on Israel and the subsequent war in Gaza.



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