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One media, two systems

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One country, two media systems

Hong Kong citizens are spoilt for choice when picking between the Sunday papers. But this week, the top story was uniform, as every print daily led with extensive coverage of the student-led protests that have rocked the city for days.

The pro-democracy Apple Daily was headlined “We rise together as one”, above pictures of the main student protest leaders and the massed crowd that gathered on Saturday night for a peace rally.

Pro-China rival Wen Wei Po carried images of fraught policemen in Mongkok, the scene of violent scuffles throughout the weekend. Its front page headline stated simply: “Protesters have until tomorrow to clear the road: government says”.

While debate has raged for months over whether the “One Country, Two Systems” agreement guarding Hong Kong’s autonomy remains fully intact, one part of it – the right to freedom of speech – appears strong…  MORE


Hong Kong: Playing with fire

Thousands of protesters gather in central Hong Kong

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@sahagunfelipe genial parodia RT @tomgrundy:  «Tear gas, or as it’s known in China, ‘the sky'»

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