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Rory Peck Awards 2018

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Mikel Konate (Spanish) Rescue Mission in the Mediterranean Sea Filmed in the Mediterranean Sea, July 2017 Self-funded. Broadcast by Reuters On July 25th 2017 Proactiva Open Arms, a Spanish NGO, faced a dramatic and complicated rescue mission in the Central Mediterranean Sea. Despite rough seas and three meter waves, the rescue team were called to what would be a more than ten hour mission, transferring the migrants from their rubber dinghy onto their ship.
As space cleared it became evident that the floor was covered in bodies, later discovered to be five men and eight women, two of them pregnant. Three people were later reported as lost at sea. Mikel’s footage includes the work of the rescue mission as well as interviews of the migrants recounting their harrowing journey from the Libyan coast.  herorypeckawards Publicado el 12 sept. 2018
Paying tribute to the skill and determination of freelance cameramen and women, whose courage and initiative is often taken for granted  LINK

Rory Peck Awards 

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