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Spain in Europe

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Focus on Spanish Society is published by the Social Studies Office of FUNCAS. The aim of this publication is to depict the Spanish social situation and provide brief inquiries into some of its most relevant aspects. Focus on Spanish Society consists of three sections. The first one, “Spain in Europe”, draws attention to recently published statistical data and puts the Spanish case in comparative perspective. The second section, “Public opinion trends”, examines in more detail one particular social issue as perceived by the Spanish public and manifested through opinion surveys. Finally, the third section “Follow-up social data” presents several  social indicators related to demography and families, education, health and welfare benefits and services.

Section I. Spain in Europe

Section II. Public opinion trends

Section III. Follow-up social data

We are pleased to present you with the latest issue of FUNCAS’ Focus on Spanish Society.

In the section Spain in Europe, we examine the widening differences in unemployment rates and labour market policy expenditure across the European Union. We also provide data on the evolution of unemployment benefits and subsidies in Spain and highlight the fact that since September 2013 non-contributory subsidies have surpassed contributory benefits.

In the section Public Opinion Trends, we show that in spite of the growing importance that people in Spain attribute to foreign languages, between 2007 and 2014, the percentage of those who state that they can read and write in English has shown only moderate improvement.

Finally, in the section Follow-up Social Data, you can find updated statistics on Spanish demography, families, education and social protection. We hope you find this publication a valuable tool to support your analysis and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

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