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The journalists killed in Gaza — and what they tried to show the world (W. Post)

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Journalists in Gaza have been killed covering the war and sheltering from it. Some have died with their colleagues; others, with their families.

They tried to report any way they could, recording scenes of carnage and rare moments of calm through photos, videos and social media posts. The images they left behind — or the words they didn’t know would be their last — allowed a glimpse into the lives of besieged Palestinians in a devastating war.

At least 85 journalists and media workers, such as interpreters and support staff, have been killed over four months of war in the Middle East, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. The rate, about five a week, is the highest since the CPJ began keeping global records over 30 years ago. All but seven of them were Palestinians killed in Israel’s war in Gaza. Many were freelancers or worked for local outlets, with little of the protection usually afforded to international reporters. The CPJ’s tally also includes four Israeli journalists killed on Oct. 7 in Hamas’s cross-border attack into Israel, and three Lebanese journalists killed by Israeli strikes in Lebanon, according to their media outlets.


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More journalists have been killed in the first 10 weeks of the Israel-Gaza war than have ever been killed in a single country over an entire year, according to a new analysis released today by CPJ. Read more in CPJ’s new analysis of the war:… And find our latest reporting on the war here:…


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