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The Juncker Commission

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Although president-elect Jean-Claude Juncker is still interviewing candidates for Commissioners, EurActiv has seen a draft organigram prepared by his services and dated 2 September, in which every single commissioner is assigned a portfolio.

The document is clearly not a final version and subject to change.

Juncker is currently wrapping up a series of face-to face interviews with the 27 Commissioners-designate and is expected to announce his line up early next week.

But the document speaks for itself and is full of surprises:

  • the internal market portfolio, currently held by Michel Barnier, has disappeared;
  • the Digital Agenda portfolio, currently held by Neelie Kroes, is replaced by a Vice President position for digital and innovation and a Commissioner for ‘internet and culture’;
  • there is no commissioner for enlargement;
  • a new post of Vice President for ‘better regulation’ has appeared;
  • a new post for Vice President for Energy Union has appeared (in addition to the commissioner for energy/climate);
  • a Vice President for Growth, Economic and Monetary Union, European Semester & Social Dialogue has appeared;

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