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World population prospects: 1950-2100

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Marcos Antón Renart@marcosantonr

📊 Evolución de la distribución de la población mundial (1950-2100).


puts in perspective. People killed in terror attacks in 2017: (Blue) vs (Red). Source:
of . That’s all you need to know when travelling in Italy. Well, you better also make sure to order espresso rather than a milky coffee after lunchtime. Here is an interactive version of this map:
Shows Average Ages Across The World. Is Very Young. Big Need For Economic Opportunities There If Major Migration Is To Be Avoided. Source:
compares the size of countries and cities in South Asia with international benchmarks. Remember that the region is home to about a quarter of all humans. Source:
Nice chart. I think this reddit post also puts terrorism into perspective:
shows that nearly 13 million (!!!) Syrians are displaced. It will take decades to fix that mess and settle the situation in . Source:

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