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Inflection points. Inside the Biden administration’s thinking for 2024 (Atlantic Council)

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Inside the Biden administration’s thinking for 2024

Frederick Kempe

It is hard to overestimate the extent to which the coming year will determine what set of countries, values, and forces shapes the global future.
Never in recent memory have so many significant events unfolded simultaneously: wars in Europe and the Middle East, simmering US-China tensions, accelerating technological competition (not just over artificial intelligence), and a jam-packed global electoral calendar with a particularly divisive and decisive US presidential election in November.
Capturing the generational stakes in 2024 requires going beyond the annual exercise of listing and assessing top risks in the year ahead. Instead, senior officials in the Biden administration, who I spoke with in the final days of 2023, are connecting the dots among the challenges, knowing they will have to manage them all to navigate the year successfully.

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