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International decisive events of the mid-to-late 1900s (CFR)

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Dear Felipe, 

While it may seem recent to most of us, the events of the mid-to-late 1900s may as well be ancient history for students today. This timeline can help your students understand the essential events in the second half of the twentieth century, including: 

  1. The Camp David Accords, which can serve as an example of diplomacy for the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  2. The Iranian Revolution, an illustration of how revolutions have foreign policy implications.
  3. Tiananmen Square, a deadly event that prompted the repression currently associated with the Chinese government.
  4. The creation of the European Union, an international organization whose unique structure has gained attention in light of the war in Ukraine. 
  5. The Rwandan Genocide, which prompted discussion on mandated international responsibility for humanitarian disasters. 

We invite you to explore these five case studies, which both changed history and still impact the world today. 

Happy learning, 

Caroline Netchvolodoff 
Vice President, CFR Education

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