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Is the US in trouble in the Middle East? (Charles Kupchan)

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While the United States government fully backs Israeli actions in its war on Gaza, other countries have taken a different approach.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Israel’s actions have “gone beyond the scope of self-defence”. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pushed back against the Israeli and US classification of Hamas as a terrorist group, saying, “Hamas is not a terrorist group, it is a group of liberators who protect their land.”

Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Charles Kupchan tells host Steve Clemons that the US will have to get used to a world where Washington can’t always call the shots.



Has something fundamentally changed in the level of US, international involvement in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?

Decades of misguided strategy have wreaked havoc on the region, even before Hamas’s recent attack on Israel and the Israeli response in Gaza, according to Harvard University Professor Stephen Walt.



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