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ISIS endurance

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Despite Airstrikes and Iraqi Gains, ISIS Endures

12/4/2014 4:49PM

The Iraqi military and its U.S. backers are touting recent successes against Islamic State – but ISIS isn’t going away quietly. Photo: AP

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… us Secretary of State John Kerry says the U S led airstrikes against Islamic State or ISIS have slowed the group’s momentum … especially in Iraq where Kerry says the Iraqi government forces are even re gaining ground … no large dash unit can move forward aggressively … without worrying about what will come down … from the Scots the Iraqi military has been trying to make this case itself even as ISIS pushes back with messages of its own … on Wednesday Iraq released video of airstrikes against what it called the Islamic State mess it’s in Anbar and seventeen provinces … other recent videos also purport to show Iraqis against ISIS in Anbar … the rest is primarily Sunni province of western Iraq that was largely overrun by ISIS earlier this year … this Iraqi military footage … purports to show early stages of a joint operation between Iraqi soldiers and local tribesmen deliberate ISIS held areas near the town of stockpicker and early November … the city of heat to sell was a … was captured by ISIS in October … this footage the Iraqi military claims shows Iraqi soldiers season ISIS weapons after recapturing the city in late November to operation backed by Iraqi and coalition airstrikes … but if ISIS is losing momentum it’s making short of its propaganda doesn’t reveal it … on October twenty eight … U S Central Command released this video showing an airstrike on ISIS logistics base in the city of Mosul a militant stronghold since its capture in June … but one month later and ISIS media wing released this propaganda video … claiming to show Mosul still firmly under the control of Islamic State … I e g Iraq has come to the country’s main oil refinery … ICICI’s the town over the summer as he sees the refinery ever since … coalition airstrikes on by it you like this one from November four … and this one from November nineteen helped Iraqi forces break the siege that … Isis is not giving up on buying … on November twenty fourth degree released this video … showing the new assault on the oil refinery … Iraq’s military says it still holds the refinery … though it says is present in the tell … tale setting a good sign that despite Iraqi teams … the militants are keeping it … I …


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