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Kissinger at 100…. (Democracy Now, PBS)

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A bombshell new investigation from The Intercept reveals that former U.S. national security adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was responsible for even more civilian deaths during the U.S. war in Cambodia than was previously known. The revelations add to a violent résumé that ranges from Latin America to Southeast Asia, where Kissinger presided over brutal U.S. military interventions to put down communist revolt and to develop U.S. influence around the world. While survivors and family members of these deadly campaigns continue to grieve, Kissinger celebrates his 100th birthday this week.

“This adds to the list of killings and crimes that Henry Kissinger should, even at this very late date in his life, be asked to answer for,” says The Intercept’s Nick Turse, author of the new investigation, “Kissinger’s Killing Fields.” We also speak with Yale University’s Greg Grandin, author of Kissinger’s Shadow: The Long Reach of America’s Most Controversial Statesman.


He releido esta tarde la entrevista del 25 de marzo de Niall Ferguson @nfergus
con Henry Kissinger en @elmundoes @Papel_EM . Si te interesa realmente cómo está el mundo, no te la pierdas:
Henry Kissinger a los 100 años: «La Segunda Guerra Fría será todavía más peligrosa que la primera»
Henry Kissinger cumplirá 100 años el 27 de mayo. Nacido en Alemania en plena hiperinflación de Weimar, no tenía ni 10 años cuando Hitler subió al poder y sólo tenía 15…

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