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On the reported death of Viktor Solokov

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Ukraine Battle Map@ukraine_map
Update on the reported death of Viktor Solokov, the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Yesterday, Ukrainian Special Operations Forces reported him dead as a result of a Storm Shadow missile strike last week that destroyed the Russian Black Sea Fleet Headquarters in Sevastopol.  Today, a photo has been published by Russia of Solokov in a video meeting, indicating that he may still be alive.
In response, Ukrainian Forces published this message: Clarification of information regarding the death of the commander of the Russian Federation. As is known, 34 officers were killed due to a missile attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. Available sources claim that among the dead was the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Many still have not been identified due to the disparity of body fragments. Since the Russians were urgently forced to publish a response with an apparently alive Sokolov, our units are clarifying the information. This happens within the procedure for collecting data on the results of the operation.
Jon Sweet@JESweet2022
Image looks more like a propped-up body. Something out of «weekend at Bernie’s.»

DDeWinter @DDeWinter3
His image seems to be on a videolink within a video. I agree with @jemz_one – this is a photoshop. More Russian lies.
王超 Wang Chao@jemz_one
Russia cannot even create a doubtless photoshop
Gilles Chevalier@GC7513
What does his widow think ?
Bro is laying in the hospital
Still alive regardless
 paolo rel@paolobucci18
still alive, or deepfake, or a copy or also an old footage of a pervious meeting (he was online)

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