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The 300 biggest data leaks ever

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Information in Beautiful has compiled  an interactive infographic which, supposedly, includes 300 of the world’s largest data breaches in the last two years. TIME magazine published it on July 25, 2013 in a post signed by

Even if it is not exact, the information collected gives us a very useful overview of the dangers involved in the collection and uncontrolled use of information in the 21st century.

It seems like companies these days are collecting more data on us than ever before. Every time you give that car dealership your email or give a store your zip code, you’ve given up a piece of yourself that can be used to uncover even more of your personal data. Your information is worth a lot, given how Facebook and Google make billions per year off it.

To use pretty much any piece of technology these days, you have to have a certain amount of trust in corporate America to do the right thing and safeguard the information it has on you. Of course, most companies do handle data responsibly. But there are bad guys out there – hackers, disgruntled employees and other assorted criminals – who are eager to exploit your data. And sometimes, even corporate computer security just isn’t enough to prevent a data leak.

But a lot of data does leak. To help you get an idea about the magnitude of these leaks, site Information is Beautiful has compiled a stunning (terrifying?) interactive infographic showing 300 of the world’s largest data breaches…

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