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The Biden Foreign Policy at Two Years (Carnegie Endowment for Int Peace)

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The Biden administration approaches the end of its second year in office having faced some of the most challenging foreign policy crises in years. When the administration entered office, the world was still deep in a global pandemic, relations with China were at an all-time low, the economic outlook was uncertain, relationships with allies needed rebuilding—and the administration was quickly forced to grapple with a violent and revanchist Russia.

Amid these challenges, President Biden still sought to push forward an ambitious climate agenda and rejuvenate the global economy from its pandemic doldrums, all while meeting his early promise of rebuilding democracy at home and delivering for the American people. How do the administration’s achievements on foreign policy measure up in the eyes of the American people? Looking forward, what will the Biden administration prioritize during the second half of his term?

Join Carnegie President Tino Cuéllar for a discussion with President Biden’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, focused on Biden’s accomplishments in the first two years and the challenges that still lie ahead. An expert panel will follow to examine the issues in greater depth. This event is organized by Carnegie’s American Statecraft program.

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