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The Year in Review: The Best Debate Moments of 2022 (Intelligence2 Debates

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2022 has finally ended.

Some of it bad, some of it splendid.

There was Russia’s invasion.

And Ukraine’s self-defense.

The west lobbed isolation against Moscow’s offense.

This was also the year America closed the door

despite a generation of fighting its 20-year-war

We saw economic turmoil and those who could not tweet

We debated inflation and whether small investors could beat the street 

We debated foodSATs, and if the Classics were overrated

Aliens, and whether Britain’s Monarchy should be abated

Affirmative actioncancel culture, and if Trump should be indicted,

Unionspublic radio, and what information disorder has ignited.

Gene editing and digital dollars were fresh to the palette.

We debated adaptation, and whether your Tesla helps the planet,

And of course there was Roe, and if AI does more harm than good,

KissingerCovid, and just how we all withstood

midterm elections

and if globalization backfired

soft landings, and cities, and if democracy is mired

in existential threat.

OK…hold on, that’s not cheery.

We can’t end this year leaving you tired and weary.

So here’s to you listeners and watchers of debate

Who at times may have wondered what is the fate

Of a discourse that is broken or at least a bit hobbled.

When listening to a nation that yells and a people who squabble.

Fear not, dear listeners, we say with some hope.

We do in fact have a way you can cope:

A new podcast we made just for you

Of our favorite debate moments, and some of yours too.

Real debate and discussion offers intellectual cheer.

And so with that we wish you safe holidays … and a happy new year.

– David Ariosto, Head of Editorial, Intelligence Squared U.S.

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