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Who is winning the global information wars (Brookings)

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Thank you, Chairman Cardin, Ranking Member Hagerty, and Distinguished Members of the Committee for inviting me to address you today. As you are aware, the United States is engaged in what I would characterize as a persistent, asymmetric competition with authoritarian challengers that is taking place across at least four, interconnected, non-military domains:

  • Politics, and here I am thinking primarily, but not solely, about interference in democratic processes and efforts to denigrate democratic governments;
  • Economics, specifically the accumulation and application of coercive leverage and the use of strategic corruption;
  • Technology, which intersects with all other domains, but is a competitive domain in its own right; and
  • Information, which may be the most consequential terrain over which states will compete in the next decades.


Editor’s Note: 

The following testimony was submitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on State Department and USAID Management on May 3, 2023, for the «The Global Information Wars: Is the U.S. Winning or Losing?» hearing.

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