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Why the world is not fair (Yuval Noah Harari with Ian Bremmer)

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In 2024, both Americans and Israelis find themselves at a turning point, with complex questions of national identity, democracy and historical justice looming large.

In the midst of Israel’s war with Hamas and on the eve of the US Presidential elections, Yuval Noah Harari publishes a new children’s book that discusses the origins of injustice and inequality: Unstoppable Us, Part 2: Why the World Isn’t Fair. In our fragmented world it seems more difficult than ever to debate such questions – but it is also more important than ever. How can people in the Middle East, the USA and elsewhere tell the difference between myth and reality?

Where is the intersection point between justice and peace? Hear Harari, one of today’s most renowned storytellers of human history and 21st century technology, tackle these questions and more – offering an incisive analysis that connects the collective decisions we make today to the national and global order of tomorrow. Recorded March 3, 2024 at 92nd Street Y, New York.

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