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America’s Dangerous Pessimism (F. Zakaria)

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January/February 2024cover

Most Americans think their country is in decline. So do their leaders. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have embraced foreign policies premised on the notion that the global order no longer serves American interests.

But these pessimistic assumptions are wrong, Fareed Zakaria argues in a new essay for Foreign Affairs. Moreover, they are leading the country to embrace strategies that will harm much of the world—and the United States most of all. Zakaria is the host of Fareed Zakaria GPS, on CNN, a columnist for The Washington Post, and the author of The Post-American World.


The Self-Doubting Superpower” by Fareed Zakaria

The New China Scare” by Fareed Zakaria

Taiwan and the True Sources of Deterrence” by Bonnie S. Glaser, Jessica Chen Weiss, and Thomas J. Christensen

Washington’s New Trade Consensus” by Gordon H. Hanson

The Lonely Superpower” by Samuel P. Huntington

The U.S.—Decline or Renewal?” by Samuel P. Huntington


ARTICLE (Jan-Feb 2024 edition)


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