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AP photos in 2023

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A Man talks on his phone as he looks through the haze at the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee, N.J., Wednesday, June 7, 2023. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)


Punishing heat that hovered and hung on much longer than usual. Flash floods that washed away large swaths of land and life. And wildfires that burned much of the year, leaving a wake of smoke and charred earth.

The toll of disasters propelled by climate change in 2023 can be tallied with numbers — thousands of people dead, millions of others who lost jobs, homes and hope, and tens of billions of dollars sheared off economies.

But numbers can’t reflect the way climate change is experienced — the intensity, the insecurity and the inequality that people on Earth are living. Associated Press photographers around the world captured moments in 2023 that collectively tell that story, one of a changing world


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