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Biden’s address from the Oval Office (Oct 19, 2023)

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President Joe Biden will give an Oval Office address Thursday, Oct 19, 2023, on the U.S. response to the Israel-Hamas war. Biden’s speech comes as he seeks additional funding for Israel and for Ukraine, and follows his trip to Israel, where he helped broker a deal to allow some humanitarian aid into Gaza. He will also discuss America’s response to the fighting between Russia and Ukraine, the White House said.

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Presidential Address on Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine Wars VIDEO, dur: 15:53)

President Biden addressed the nation on the United States‘ response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine wars from the White House Oval Office. He said he would officially request from Congress “an urgent budget request” on the following day to support Israel and Ukraine. Mr. Biden explained why it was in the national security interests of the U.S. to do this, saying that when terrorists and dictators do not pay the consequences for hostile actions, “more chaos and death and more destruction” ensues. Also, the president called for Americans to denounce antisemitism and Islamophobia amid the Israel-Hamas War. At the time of this address, House Republicans had still not chosen a speaker after removing Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the position on October. This was the second occasion in which President Biden used the Oval Office to address the nation, having previously delivered a speech on a bipartisan agreement to avoid defaulting on the nation’s debt in June

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