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Changes in Media over the Past 550 years

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Late, very late, in Twitter -I started in late August 2012-, I didn’t know about David Sasaki’s presentation until March 29, 2013, thanks to a twitt from Media Shift Idea Lab on a very different subject. In his introduction to the presentation, Sasaki, 2007 Knight News Challenge winner, wrote:

Sergii Danylenko and Anna Prymakova asked me to speak about «changes in media over the past five years» at MediaCamp Kyiv last week. It’s a pretty standard topic of discussion for me, but I felt that it would be more interesting and more useful to look at changes in media over the past 550 years. What follows is a hyperlinked version of my talk.

David SasakiChanges in Media Over the Past 550 Years. B by on Nov 13, 2009


My presentation for MediaCamp Kyiv 2009

Link to Sasaki’s article


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