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First Review of International Studies (RIS) Editors Selection

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Welcome to the first Review of International Studies (RIS) Editors Selection. We hope this will become a regular way for the editorial team to highlight articles we have published. In this first set of articles selected by Lead Editor Martin Coward, we focus on recent articles that capture the breadth of topics published by RIS. At RIS we have always understood IR to encompass global politics in the very broadest sense. As such we publish work on a variety of topics as this selection shows. The selection starts with a timely interventions on civil-military trends in covid responses (Gibson-Fall). Nicholas Lees examines the legacy of the Brandt line in north-south relations, while Wright and Bergman Rosamond examine the visual politics of celebrity in global politics.  Drolet and Williams revisit postwar realism to examine its conservatism, while Thakur, Karen Smith recover marginalised histories of non-western IR scholarship in their introduction to a special issue on the Multiple Origins of IR. Liese, Herold, Feil, and Busch explain the way in which the power of international bureaucracies is based on perceptions of expert authority. Finally Agius looks at the bordering practices of the Trump presidency through the lens of ontological security.

This selection also highlights the collaboration between RIS and the British International Studies Association (BISA). The BISA website promotes many of our authors after publication – highlighting our commitment to dissemination of our articles to the widest possible audience.

All articles in this selection will be free to view and download until the end of September 2022.

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