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Risks and opportunities in 2021 (Oxford Analytica)

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Prospects: Risks and Opportunities in 2021

Join Oxford Analytica’s team of expert analysts for an insight into their core forecasts for 2021 and their top risks and opportunities, globally and region-by-region.

Our analysts will answer:
• What is the timeline for releasing the grip of COVID-19 on the politics and economies of core markets?
• How will the global economy perform in the next 12 months and what impact will that have on political stability across the world?
• Which pre-pandemic global trends have been put into reverse by COVID-19, and which ones have been given further impetus?
• In which countries and sectors are the prospects brightest?

Please note, only corporate email addresses will be accepted.

Dec 9, 2020 03:00 PM in London

858 0459 5810

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