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Ten years since IS kidnapped British photojournalist John Cantlie

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Photojournalist John Cantlie in Syria. He is sat on a bench wearing a camouflage flak jacket and looking up at the camera.


By Frank Gardner
BBC security correspondent

Today marks 10 years since British photojournalist John Cantlie was kidnapped by Islamic State militants in Syria.

He is thought to be the only foreign hostage held by them who was neither released nor murdered on camera.

Cantlie outlived other British hostages and appeared in the group’s propaganda videos, though his fate is unknown.

He is presumed dead but his body has never been found, and his family recently held a funeral for him.

In a quaint Norman church in a quiet Hampshire village, some of John Cantlie’s favourite rock songs were played in front of his family and friends who had gathered to remember the man who disappeared.

Cantlie was a motorbike enthusiast, adventurer and storyteller – but above all, a passionate photojournalist.



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