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The defining moments of Henry Kissinger’s career (CNN)

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Look back at the defining moments of Henry Kissinger’s career.



Henry Kissinger, el diplomático de EEUU más poderoso y cuestionado del siglo XX (María Ramírez)

Henry Kissinger: A Tangled Legacy – OpEd (Eurasia Review)

Henry Kissinger: Snake Oil Salesman Of Gangster Realism – OpEd (Eurasia Review)

Robert Reich: Henry Kissinger, War Criminal – OpEd (Eurasia Review)

Henry Kissinger never quite belonged where he wanted to be (The Economist)

Henry Kissinger explains how to avoid world war three (The Economist)

What does Henry Kissinger’s diplomacy have to teach the world?

Henry Kissinger dies celebrated, but why? His achievements have long since crumbled (Guardian)

Seis claves sobre el ‘Orden Mundial’ de Henry Kissinger (Pedro Rodríguez, POLÍTICA EXTERIOR)

Henry Kissinger’s Cambodia legacy of bombs and chaos (BBC)

Watch: Henry Kissinger’s life and legacy in his own words (BBC)

The many legends of Henry Kissinger (FT, Edward Luce)

Profiles in Power. The World According to Kissinger (F Affairs, Jessica T. Mathews)





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