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Otro suspenso en educación

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PIAAC  OECD Skills Surveys

PIAAC Picture 1st page‌‌As part of its Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), the OECD collects and analyses data that assist governments in assessing, monitoring and analysing the level and distribution of skills among their adult populations as well as the utilisation of skills in different contexts.

The Survey of Adult Skills and the Education and Skills Online Assessment are part of the package of tools available to support countries develop, implement and evaluate policies that foster both the development of skills and the optimal use of existing skills.



¿Quieres saber por qué estamos como estamos? Los adultos españoles a la cola de la OCDE en comprensión lectora 


OECDDOI :10.1787/eag-2013-72-en

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